"Always go too far, because that's where you'll find the truth". Albert Camus

I came to Peru and found marvellous Alpaca Wool and exquisite Pima Cotton. MaryH collections are created mainly from those two high quality natural materials that originate in Peru.

Timeless Designs With Natural Yarns

Essentials that go beyond time.

MH Blankets

MH Blankets

Luxury warm hug from Baby Alpaca. 

MH Cotton Comfort

MH Cotton Comfort

True comfort is when you don't feel you are wearing anything. 

Alpaca. Silent Treasure of Peru.

  • Baby Alpaca sweater on a woman

    Irene from Maldives

    "This MaryH sweater of Baby Alpaca I bought to spend the winter in Spain. Apart from having an elegant design, softness and that it covers you warmly..you could pass this sweater to various generations!!"

  • Dorothea from England

    "The blanket is really beautiful, it is so lovely. It is just the thing to have on the sofa. But I got into really trouble with Spencer and Sabrina as I wrapped myself in it and snuggled up on the sofa and fell asleep. We will fight over it, and I will try to be a better girl and share it (occasionally!!)."

  • Belinda from Spain

    "Yesterday I put the set to go to an excursion and I loved it! It's super comfortable! The truth is that I put it on a lot at home as well."